Monday, 25 September 2017

Vajiram And Ravi World History Recording Notes

HISTORY Recording Notes

1) Introduction to World History and Industrial Revolution(mp3) (80M) Download here

  2) Unification of Germany.WAV (88M) Download here

  3) japan imperilism and midevial culture.WAV Download here

  4) First world war russian revolution.WAV (90M) Download  here

  5) Fascisom 2 nd ww and cold war.WAV (91M)  Download here

6) End of USSR and Isreal.WAV (93M)  Download here

  7) leage of nations and hitlers nazism.WAV (91M) Download here

  8) American civil war and french revolution.WAV (95M)  Download here 2nd Part VR0009.WAV (71M)  Download here

  9) American revolution.WAV (89M) Download here 

10) unification of Itali and begining of first world War.WAV (90M)  Download here

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