Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Download Ancient History Class Recording Vaziram And Ravi

05-Vedic civilization WAV (87M) Download Click here

  04-Indus valley civilization WAV (91M) Download Click here

  03-literature inscriptions coins WAV (85M) click here

  02-Ancient literature WAV (90M click here

  01-Introduction mp3 (93M)click here

  09-Pallavas cholas and their art and culture WAV (100M )click here

  10-Art culture of medieval india WAV (102M)  click here

  08 -Gupta period WAV (92M)  click here

  07-Mauryans and post mauryans WAV (92M ) click here

  06-Jainism and budhism WAV (174M)  click hereclick here

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